ONE Championship

Metro: ONE Championship couple Shannon Wiratcahi and Rika Hamada set to fight on the same night

Mixed Martial Arts is often very little to do with romance, but this story might just pull on your heart strings a little bit.

On March 11, ONE Championship host their second ever event in Bangkok with a show headlined by ONE atomweight world champion Angela Lee, who is defending her title for the first time.

While no other bouts have officially been announced, ONE Championship officials have confirmed that both Shannon Wiratchai and Rika Hamada will also feature on the card taking place in the Impact Arena.

While this may not sound like a big deal, it certainly is for both Wiratchai and Hamada who have been a relationship for the best part of three years.

Hamada will be making her promotional debut on the night meaning both her and Wiratchai will fight on the same fight card in what will likely be a rollercoaster of emotions for the young couple.

‘I don’t know for her, but for me personally I think I can handle it,’ Wiratchai told

‘It’s going to be ok for me because if she was there and didn’t have a fight, she could be annoying you know,’ he joked.

‘I think because she has her own fight, she has her own focus so that at least from my perspective it is a good thing.’

Luckily for Wiratchai, Hamada who was sitting next to him, was in agreement.

‘It will be OK for me because I will probably fight way before him so first we can think about my fight, and then we can think about his later,’ Hamada added.

The training during the weeks before a fight can often be a stressful time for fighters as they mentally and physically prepare themselves.

You might have thought it would be doubly hard for the couple to deal with both of them preparing for fights, but they seemed to believe it wouldn’t have any impact whatsoever on their daily life together.

‘With all my ex-girlfriends, me fighting was always massive problem because I always had to go to training all the time,’ Wiratchai explained.

‘Now Riki is training with me a lot so we can just go training everywhere and spend time together.’

Hamada added that MMA was the passion that brought them together and that it was something that they both continued to pursue as a shared vision.

‘We both have the same dream of being the champion,’ Hamada said.

‘We can train together, eat together and watch MMA together.

‘In our apartment, we even have a space where we can practice moves or techniques that we see—we are real YouTube blackbelts,’ Hamada joked.

The relationship will no doubt be put to the ultimate test come March 11 when both Wiratchai and Hamada enter the ONE Championship cage in Bagkok, Thailand.