ONE Championship is a celebration of true martial arts and its deep-rooted Asian values of humility, integrity, respect, honor, discipline, courage, and strength. Martial arts has been Asia’s greatest cultural treasure for the last 5,000 years, and is a part of the daily fabric of society across the continent. It is no secret that Asia is home to the best martial artists on the planet. Our mission is to unleash real life superheroes who ignite Asia with hope, dreams, inspiration and strength across all segments of society.

The vast majority of the greatest World Champions in history have had to conquer unfathomable poverty, tremendous adversity, unspeakable tragedy, and impossible odds to achieve their dreams in life. Through the power of media and storytelling, we want to introduce these superheroes to the world so that they may inspire billions across all segments of society to live their dreams in life. We want to share the extraordinary, against-all-odds life stories of the greatest martial artists so that the entire continent of Asia can be elevated with hope, strength, and inspiration

As the only truly pan-Asian sports media property on the continent, ONE is held in packed-out stadiums in major cities across the region with a global broadcast reach to 1 billion potential viewers across 118 countries. Home to authentic martial arts action, ONE Championship has a coveted roster of blue-chip Fortune 500 sponsors, including the likes of Disney, Marvel, LG, Sony, Facebook, Haier, Kawasaki, L’Oreal, Casio, Bayer, and more.

Today, the very best martial arts talent in Asia ply their trade in the fabled ONE cage. The ONE world championship title belt signifies the global pinnacle of martial arts success. ONE offers champion martial artists and local heroes from each country an opportunity to shine on the largest global stage for martial arts in Asia. Established global names are also invited to showcase their skills. Embodying traditional martial arts values such as humility, respect, and discipline, these Asian heroes serve to inspire hope, strength, and dreams in their respective communities.

ONE is watched on the largest media broadcast in Asia with the biggest partners on free-to-air and paid TV in every major country on the continent. Our combination of distinct Asian values combined with world-class production and world-class athletes has resulted in some of the highest TV ratings and social media engagement metrics on the continent. Our ultimate vision for ONE content is for it to be ubiquitous across platforms (free-to-air TV, paid TV, digital, social, etc) and devices (TV, computers, mobile, etc) with 24 hour accessibility, 365 days a year.

Our dream is to unite the 4 billion people on the continent to celebrate Asia’s greatest cultural treasure together in harmony.


The ONE Network is made up of a cooperative bond between the world’s largest martial arts promotions, biggest martial arts gyms, top athletes, and blue-chip sponsors. This unprecedented network has exponentially created possibilities for growth in the world of martial arts, with athlete exchanges and key sponsorship initiatives taking the lead.